Wicker Lady Interiors brings the art of relaxed style to every room in the house including your favorite outdoor setting.  Dining in?  Dining out?  The line between the inside and outside blurs with seamless decor flowing through living and dining rooms to sun rooms, porches and outdoor spaces with summery fabrics on sofas and chairs.

Charlie Wagner, owner of Wicker Lady Interiors, loves the juxtaposition of cut crystal, china and delicate linens against a wood table in  shade-filled backyard.  The simple lines of a Swedish Blonde dining table with stripped chairs, works well either in a second home or a less formal look at your primary residence.  Pair Swedish Blonde with carefree painted wooden floors and billowing sheer curtains for an ambiance where everyone feels like lingering after a satisfying meal. 

Brighten up the scene with our wonderful assortment of accessories such as etched glass hurricanes, antique china and beautiful chandeliers.  Capture the essence of casual exchange with an array of fabrics that are fresh and livable.  These inviting images reflect the creativity and detail of Wicker Lady's design team.